What does FRAME do and what does the name stand for?

FRAME provides meaningful occupation, work practice, training and employment opportunities to people with disabilities, including those with mental ill health, learning disability and/or people that are socially excluded and disadvantaged. Opportunities are provided through the operation of a community re-use projects and a horticultural project.

In 1994, when FRAME was first established, the name stood for ‘Furniture Recycled and Managed Effectively’. As FRAME developed this unwieldy name was no longer used and the organisation is now simply known as ‘Pembrokeshire FRAME’ linking it to the county that it serves.

 What can I purchase at FRAME?

Furniture, clothing, bric-a-brac, bedding, lampshades, books, toys, pots and pans, cutlery and much, much more! We also have a range of upholstered and upcycled furniture as part of our ‘One of a Kind’ project.

 Who can purchase from FRAME?

Anyone can! All members of the general public are welcome.

People on benefit and pensioners will get 10% discount on proof of benefit.

People referred to FRAME by a recognised agency may under certain circumstances be eligible for items completely free of charge.


All items of furniture displayed for re-use have been assessed for safety under the second hand consumer goods act 1994.

 Donations and collections

FRAME aims to carry out all requests for collection within a two week period, please be aware that we are very busy, and it is extremely difficult for us to arrange collections at short notice.

Collection of all donated items is free of charge. FRAME collects items from all areas of Pembrokeshire.

FRAME only collects and delivers in Pembrokeshire. Donations may be dropped off at the Merlins Bridge, Pembroke Dock and Goodwick sites.


Weekly deliveries are made throughout Pembrokeshire each week.

 What happens to my donation?

FRAME is a registered charity all income is used to further the aims and objectives of the charity. Profits are not distributed to shareholders but are re-invested to provide additional services to people with disabilities.

 Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer with FRAME.

 Will volunteering affect my benefit?

FRAME has considerable experience working with volunteers who receive benefits. All benefit rulings agree that voluntary work is allowed for a ‘not for profit’ organisation like FRAME, where only reasonable expenses are paid.

Income support
Volunteering should not affect someone’s income support as long as they are not receiving any money other than reimbursement of expenses.

Incapacity Benefit
The 16 hour rule no longer applies. You can volunteer for as long as you want. People often worry that starting to volunteer will automatically trigger an investigation into their need to claim incapacity benefit, but in fact this rarely happens.

Job Seekers Allowance
People on JSA can do as much voluntary work as they want as long as they remain available for work. This means that they will have to show that they are looking for work and applying for jobs where appropriate, attend interviews at the job centre and sign on. If an individual is volunteering they are entitled to 48 hours notice if they have to attend an interview and a weeks notice before starting work.

Disability Living Allowance is not affected by volunteering.

Individuals in receipt of benefit are asked to inform their advisors if they take up voluntary work. It is good practice to let them know, but it is entirely up to the volunteer whether they do so or not.

If you would like to volunteer but still have concerns, please contact FRAME for further information.