Objective 1 - Social Inclusion To encourage social inclusion for the Participants and Volunteers by:

  • Activity 1.1 Offering meaningful occupation in a community enterprise
    • Offer 10,000 work practice/ training days per annum
    • Offer opportunities in retail, warehouse & distribution, workshop, horticulture, office work, IT
  • Activity 1.2 Developing social interaction
    • Provide pan disability activities
    • Provide opportunities for group¬†¬† working
    • Provide a client crew room

Objective 2 - Develop Self Worth and Well Being To develop self worth and personal well being for Participants and Volunteers

Activity 2.1 Supported personal development planning

  • 80% of Clients/Volunteers have a PDP review at least once a year.
  • Rise in self confidence
  • Monitoring and recognition of progress

Activity 2.2 Giving responsibility

  • Structure for progression and increased responsibility.
  • Number of people progressing through structure

Objective 3 - Education and Training To provide education and training for Participants and Volunteers

Activity 3.1 Offering vocational training in a community enterprise

  • Deliver over 50 OCNs per annum to at least 25 people
  • Offer IT training to at least 10 people
  • Offer NVQ training to up to 5 people
  • Deliver internal training and certification

Activity 3.2 Improve basic skills

  • Offer basic skills training up to 10 people

Activity 3.3 Offering supported employment training

  • Key Steps project:
  • Support over 100 people a year
  • Provide job coaching to 25 people a year.
  • Facilitate paid work for 15 people per year.

Objective 4 - Relief of Poverty and Social Deprivation To relieve the effects of poverty and social deprivation

Activity 4.1 The provision of low cost or free furniture and household items

  • Complete over 3000 transactions pa
  • Give discounts to 25% of customers
  • Provide 50 packages of free goods.

Objective 5 - Environmental Good Practice To encourage and promote the protection and enhancement of the Environment

Activity 5.1 Maintaining Environmental Award

  • Green Dragon level 2

Activity 5.2 Collecting and organising reuse and recycling of unwanted furniture and household goods

  • Collect 30,000 items per annum
  • Re-use over 9000 items per annum
  • Re-use or Recycle over 60% by weight of items collected

Activity 5.3 Promoting environmental good practice

  • Advertise collection and re-use service
  • Attend events to promote environmental benefits.

Objective 6 - Employment of Disabled Staff To provide opportunities for the employment of disabled staff

Activity 6.1 Maintain Social Firm status

  • At least 25% of employed staff are disabled or have a disadvantage in the workplace