Business Woman and Philanthropist Dame Stephanie Shirley (OBE) Led the celebrations and the official opening of the showroom at FRAME in Merlins Bridge.

Pembrokeshire FRAME was set up 20 years ago by the Chief Executive Officer Jenny Sims who said “It’s hard to believe that FRAME is 20 years old and it is an honour to have Dame Stephanie Shirley here with us as she is such an inspirational lady.

FRAME was set up in the empty matron’s bungalow at Merlin’s House to provide meaningful occupation and work practice to a small group of people with and recovering from mental ill health.

It’s been the most amazing journey for everyone involved, past and present and I cannot thank them enough for their help and support.”

Twenty years on FRAME now employs 44 members of staff, 65% of whom have been disadvantaged in the employment market as a result of having a disability. FRAME supports over 200 people every year providing not only meaningful occupation, but work practice and certificated training and employment both at FRAME and in the local community. The people who are involved in FRAME’s recycling activities become valued members of their local community by helping others as well as helping themselves.

The event which took place on Wednesday 7th of May was attended by key figures from organisations throughout Wales and the local community including the Chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council Cllr Arwen Williams, Cllr Huw George, the Chairman of the Autistic Society Huw Morgan OBE, The Director of the Institute of Directors in Wales Robert Lloyd Griffiths as well as representatives from local businesses the job centre and the health and social care sectors and proved to be a great success.


Operations Manager Neil Hulme said “It’s a common misconception that FRAME was only set up to help people with cheap furniture but the main aim of the charity has always been to provide meaningful occupation, work practice and training to people with disabilities. We still offer furniture at very reasonable prices to accommodate the needs of everyone in the community.”