Our Team & Mascot


Pembrokeshire FRAME has a membership drawn from its Clients and Volunteers. The membership is responsible for the nomination, election and removal of Directors. The Members’ Council can, if necessary, either at Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting pass a vote of no confidence in the Board of Directors and remove them from office.

The day to day interaction with the members is through a Members Council. Each vocational area elects one or two people to represent their area on the Member’s Council which meets monthly. Member Council representatives are responsible for ensuring that there is a flow of information from bottom up and top down.

The Members Council has no day to day management role. It is consulted on how the organisation develops its services and its views form an important part of the decision-making process.

Directors are invited to attend the Members’ Council meetings periodically to take part.

Board of Directors

  • Paul Smith
  • Adrian Harries
  • Joy Brown

The Board of Directors is elected by Pembrokeshire FRAME’s members council. Most or our Directors are also involved with a local community or group. The board is responsible for the governance of Pembrokeshire FRAME and receive training and guidance on doing so.

This is Penny the Polar Bear, Pembrokeshire FRAME’s cool mascot and our newest member of the team. Penny was the chosen mascot of the winner of our ‘Help us find a Mascot’ competition held in March 2020. The winner chose Penny the Polar Bear because of her connections with climate change and her rather clever name Penny links in with Pembrokeshire FRAME’s efforts to raise funds for the charity.

Penny has now become a member of the Pembrokeshire FRAME team and will accompany us on our fundraising events, activities, and promotions. Pembrokeshire FRAME have recently received funds from The Little Green Grant to develop our mascot programme and to raise awareness about our work to reduce climate change. Click here to find out more about our Penny The Polar Bear project.