Penny The Polar Bear

Penny The Polar Bear is our new mascot who will become an active member of the Pembrokeshire FRAME team, helping us to raise awareness about reducing waste and FRAME’s reuse work whilst helping us to raise funds for our charity. We will develop a Penny The Polar Bear campaign to share information about all of FRAME’s reuse projects including upcycling, horticulture and re-upholstery. The campaign will see Penny The Polar Bear raising awareness about the importance of reducing waste, sharing tips and ideas on how to reduce waste and encouraging the local community to raise funds to support FRAME’s ongoing work.

Our Penny The Polar Bear events will offer benefit to all members of the local community including local groups and school children helping to instil best practise behaviours regarding waste.

The project will benefit supermarkets, food providers, landfill site operators and local authorities by helping to reduce the amount of waste reaching landfill sites, helping to reduce the impact of waste on the climate and the environment. The Welsh Government are seeking to reach zero waste by 2050, this project will work towards supporting their target towards this goal. Pembrokeshire FRAME is a charity that acts on climate change. We are concerned with protecting the environment and our work with reuse demonstrates this. Each year we prevent at least 600 tonnes of waste reaching landfill sites.

The environment will benefit from Penny The Polar Bears gentle but serious messages encouraging more people to reduce waste and by reducing the amount of waste that reaches landfill sites, This project will reduce carbon dioxide outputs, promoting cleaner air, improved climates, healthier lifestyles and more sustained environmental spaces.