Donate Furniture & Household Items

Donating items to  PEMBROKESHIRE FRAME

Do you have furniture or items that you no longer require, but would like to see them go to good use? They may be perfect for Pembrokeshire FRAME to use, upcycle or sell directly through one of our shops. Donations of furniture and large household goods are collected free of charge.

Donated furniture is either sold directly from our retail shops or, where appropriate, restored in our workshops and sold through one of our social enterprises, website or eCommerce sites. All proceeds from sales go towards supporting our life-changing work.

House Clearances

If you have a room, whole house or garage that needs clearing, we offer a professional and discreet house clearance service with an understanding that such services are often due to unfortunate family circumstances.

Our services are also much cheaper than most, as only items which we cannot use, restore or sell will be charged for removal and disposal. In addition, you can have the peace of mind that your items will directly benefit the support of people with disabilities and learning difficulties at Pembrokeshire FRAME.

Donation Guidelines

If you have something to donate please take a look at our guidelines below to check that it is appropriate then ring 01437 779442 or email info@ to discuss a free collection or drop off.