Schools & Education

Working with our schools and education

Pembrokeshire FRAME is passionate about helping young people to understand about climate change and the work that we do to help protect the environment. We are currently developing our Penny The Polar Bear mascot programme and are keen to connect with schools and groups as we develop this.

If you represent a school, college, university or group that is looking to support Pembrokeshire FRAME, we will work with you, your staff and students to help raise awareness about the work that Pembrokeshire FRAME does and to support you in your fundraising efforts.

There are many ways that your students can help to make a difference by supporting our work. We have lots of fundraising ideas that we can share with you to organise throughout the term or if you already have an idea which you would like to share with us, so that we can help you to develop it, then do get in touch.

We realise that visiting your school during the Covid Pandemic is not possible, but raising awareness about our work is very important and if you would like to connect with Pembrokeshire FRAME, we are happy to develop virtual and online resources to support this. If you would like to speak to a member of our team please call 01437 769 755 or email