Social Accounts

Pembrokeshire FRAME’s operations deliver more than just environmental and climate change impact – they also create tangible social impact through our own social value programmes.

The impact of our work

Our work not only changes the lives of individuals, families and communities and helps to improve the environment, it also creates savings for society by reducing costs to the taxpayer, reducing visits to GP’s and creating social value which is priceless. We see the importance of analysing Pembrokeshire FRAME’s performance against its objectives to prove that the charity is doing what it says it is doing. We therefore record and monitor all of our data and prepare a set of annual social accounts. Just like financial accounts, the Social Accounts are independently audited for complete transparency. See below for a copy of our latest social accounts


People provided with work practise & training


Preloved items collected


Percent of items re-used or recycled


Agored courses delivered


Discounts given to households


We’re changing people’s lives and life opportunities through training and employment; supporting individuals through difficult times, helping them to grow in confidence and self-esteem, in turn helping and re-assuring their families and loved ones and supporting community groups by redistributing unwanted furniture, household items and surplus food to help them to reduce waste.

We define Social Value as the savings created for society by our activities – whether for local or national government or for community groups or individuals.